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Maris was established in 2014, therefore still a fairly young company. We have built strong partnerships with multiple leading companies around the world to secure ongoing production and supply on a variety of high quality seafood species . This includes the brand new innovative Norwegian Cod Farm, Norcod, which gives us access to sustainable and organic cod. 

We have the ability to offer first-hand access to some of the finest wild-caught seafood, in addition to certified farmed products. We always strive to bring a new and innovative approach to the industry, which in turn helps our clients service theirs with consistent premium seafood. Our client base consists of retailers across the UK and EU as well as Foodservice, E-commerce, Processors and the Fast-Food industry. 

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply a global seafood supply chain which is firmly anchored on sustainability principles to minimize environmental impact and protect our planet.

Our Vision

Ensuring that we are doing our part to contribute to the well-being of our planet by continuing to minimise our carbon footprint. We have a forward-thinking approach to balancing out environmental impact. Our certifications and CSR commitments with organisations such as FFI affirm our dedication to providing traceable and sustainable seafoods.  

More Than Just Seafood

We always strive to bring a fresh, inventive approach to the industry, which in turn helps our clients provide theirs with premium seafood. Our in-house services include market data on specific species, precise planning, logistics, marketing, and sound procurement advice. 

Our Product Range

Our focus at Maris is on a variety of high quality wild seafood. As of 2021 we are marketing the new and highly innovative Farmed Cod from Norcod. Thanks to our first-hand access to some of the greatest products on the planet, our range is ever evolving.   

Global business activity


We have offices in Warrington, Hull and Holland plus the support from our HQ in Copenhagen. Overall, this enables us to offer bespoke customer service from a highly professional team, alongside the global support of an industry leader to all of clients. 

Our Parent & Sister Companies

Sirena Group was founded in 1985 and specialises in the global sales and marketing of North Atlantic frozen-at-sea products. They take pride in the strength of their relationships, having cultivated some of the longest-standing strategic partnerships – and friendships – with frozen-at-sea fishing vessels and processing plants across the North Atlantic.

Our Sister company, Whitecap International Seafood Exporters, are a fast growing seafood marketing company, providing marketing services for the finest seafood producers in the world. We represent the following brands: Luxury, Acadian, Port Royal, and La Mariniere. Their main products are coldwater shrimp, snow crab, lobsters and scallops.

Norcod Partnership

Norcod is a Cod Farm based in Norway. They aim to fill the gap in the market for the demand of year-round high quality, sustainable and natural fresh cod. For the first time, farmed cod of a very high quality can be produced successfully to a large scale to meet these demands in an eco-friendly way. 

International Team Of Experts

Proud To Call Partners

Espersen Logo, Maris Seafoods Partner
For over 75 years, Espersen have been an internationally recognised supplier of high-quality seafood, with production plants in Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, and Vietnam. With a focus on sourcing seafood of a superior quality, Espersen understands the importance of well-managed, sustainable fisheries that allow for continued access to fish. This has contributed to their reputation as a highly responsible company that leads the way for sustainable practice in the fish industry.
Inland Lobster Logo, Maris Seafoods Partner
Inland Seafoods
Operating in Maine on the coast of North-East, Inland Seafood is one of the largest packers of lobster in the state. They have access to Maine Lobster, cooked fresh lobster meat and imported cold & warm water species. This enables us to create a lobster program specifically tailored to you and your customers’ needs.
Maris Seafoods, Labrador
We have a long-standing relationship with the LFUSC who have been harvesting and processing seafood from the waters of the North Atlantic for 40 years. In addition to numerous shellfish species, their product range also includes Canada Cod, which is some of the tastiest and best quality fish available through Maris. In addition to superior seafood, the LFUSC are known for their ultra-modern fleet. These vessels are manned by experienced fishers, some of whom have been in the fishing industry for generations.
Head Office

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Holland Office

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